Make a wise city by playing simcity buildit

Playing games are a part of life usually done for fun, happiness and to relax. The online games are eliminating the traditional games like indoor and outdoor games. Everyone likes to play online games because it is thrilling, adventurous and attractive. From children to aged people play online games. Playing such games addicts you to thus you becoming crazy.

There are varieties of online games available such as, sports games, treasure hunt games, ninjas, escape games, etc. One of the latest game SimCity BuildIT is an attractive game. The main aim of this game is to provide better services to the city and keep citizens happy. This game is all about building a gorgeous city. When you complete building a good city with and balance all the growth in that city you will win the game as a mayor of the city. All you need is to know about the instructions to develop the city. Initially you will get some money for building of the city. Simoleons , simcash and golden keys are the three main currencies in this game. You can start the game by fixing a city game and you will be awarded with 25,000 simoleons and 50 simcash. Your work is to upgrade the city and make it as a developed one.

You can develop the residential, insdustrial, commercial growth of that city. You should also prevent the city from disasters like earthquake; meteors etc. You should give importance to education, entertainment, and gambling, global market for the development of the city. You can pinch, zoom and rotate to manage the city while playing .This is the basic idea to play SimCity BuildIT.

This supports well in IOS and android mobiles. This is a free-app available in the Google stores. You can download this app and try playing and make a wise city. You will surely face challenges that will thrill you while playing this game.

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