Play dragon city and win your tournament

Online games have created a vital role in the gaming industry. Playing online games have become an addiction to human. From children to aged people are love to play online games. It takes the players to a different world where they have challenges to face. It creates a different mood in the players. Most of the online games use android as the platform because it is easy for people to play in their mobiles which are portable. So that it is easy for them to play at any time at any place. Android games are mostly user friendly and easy to follow.

One of the latest android games is the dragon city which is widely used by the people around the world. There are thousands of people who play this game through online as it is a different game. It is really easy to play this game; all that we need is to understand the instructions to play the game. As you can guess from the name itself, the game is about dragons.

How to play the game

In this game dragons are too hatched first by breeding two dragons. You can breed any two varieties of dragons to produce a dragon egg. When you get an egg, you have to hatch it to produce a small dragon. There are 3 steps in the life cycle of a dragon, a small dragon, a dragon in the next level and finally a big dragon. You have to feed the dragon with gold and foods until it reaches a final form. The final form of the dragon is reached when it reaches level 7. Dragon city is played till you reach and win the dragon tournament.

This game has a different feature and is very easy to play. It supports well in android, facebook, iOS and you can download this game for free and enjoy playing dragon city. You can reach your goal very easily if you play well.

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